Addressing challenging commercial issues with technical solutions is what we do.

Innovation is an essential component of our business. We’re committed to delivering new technologies to our customers which enhance your safety and security when working at height. Each individual work at height project presents a unique set of conditions and complexities requiring rigorously safe, regulatory compliant and robust solutions.

Our dedicated research and development department, BlueSky Solutions, are on hand to not only deliver industry leading material handling attachments and enhanced safety features, but can also create tailor made solutions for your specific work at height issue, from an intelligent anchor point system all the way to antenna handling attachments.

Harness ON™

Harness ON™ is an intelligent anchor point that stops the MEWP’s operation until the operator attaches their harness carabiner.

Harness ON™


The unique design structure of the SkyRak® means the load weight is transferred to the platform floor, avoiding materials being rested on the non-load bearing hand-rails.

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SkyRak Materials Handling Solution


The SkyRakBoom® allows the safe storage and carriage of materials up to 90kg in weight on a wide range of boom lifts.

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SkyRak Boom Material Handling Attachment


SkyRakEdge™ is a lightweight material handling attachment designed to safely and securely handle scaffold tubes or lattice and ladder edge protection beams on boom type Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

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SkyRakEge™ Material Handling Attachment


SkyRakMulti is a lightweight material handling attachment designed to safely and securely handle materials on boom type Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) as well as providing a means to securely store and tether tools.

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SkyRakMulti Materials Handling Attachment


The SkyRakPlus® allows materials weighing up to 600kg to be safely stored on most large double decked diesel scissor lifts. A system of flexible heads support a wide variety of materials of many shapes and sizes.

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SkyRakPlus Materials Handling Attachment


The pioneering SkySiren® secondary guarding solution is designed to reduce the risk of injury or fatality from crushing on boom type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

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SkySiren® PCS™

SkySiren®PCS™ is an advancement in secondary guarding designed to prevent entrapment, raise operator alertness and improve safety.

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SkySiren PCS


SkyScreen™ is an innovation in safety which minimises the risk of injury and damage by preventing dropped objects falling from the platform basket.

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SkyScreen Dropped Objects Protection


SkySentry™ is a simple and effective system that prevents unauthorised use, help reduce costs, increase productivity and improve safety.

SkySentry Telematics

Virtual reality training

This pioneering new technology has been designed to allow operators to experience a true-to-life look and feel of operating an access platform in a safe and controlled environment.

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Virtual Reality Training


SkyShield™ is a robust, lightweight screen providing a safer working environment. Helping to provide COVID-19 protection.

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