Nationwide Platforms has invested in ground-breaking virtual reality simulators to complement its range of training courses. This pioneering new technology has been designed to allow operators to experience a true-to-life look and feel of operating an access platform in a safe and controlled environment.


  • Four course principles
  • More than 33 scissor and boom lift scenarios
  • State-of-the-art virtual reality technology
  • Replica controls based on real machines
  • Fully immersive and realistic high-risk manoeuvres in a safe environment
  • Conducted at training centres or on-site
  • Operator skills scored using operator metrics and tracking systems


Training benefits:

  • Operators familiarised with MEWP use
  • Practice in responding to risk
  • Reduction in the number of accidents on site
  • Reduction to damage to buildings and equipment
  • High Risk operating scenarios in a risk free environment
  Virtual reality spec sheet


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