The main goal of completing essential maintenance and inspection of wind turbines is to quickly return assets to service in a bid to maximise energy production. We have a strong performance legacy in the challenging utilities sector in the UK as the importance stressed upon health and safety throughout the sector strongly aligns with that of our own business operations.

Whether you need to inspect the blades of a wind turbine, or carry out repair work, it is pivotal that you select an access equipment solution that can help you complete the task both safely, and effectively. Regular upkeep of wind turbines is key in ensuring that each component of the structure remains in good condition.

MEWPs for wind energy projects - key features:

  • Access extreme heights with telescopic or articulating action 
  • A variety of power options including electric, hybrid and diesel  
  • Suitable for uneven ground and rough terrain 
  • Innovative and award-winning safety solutions 

Powered access solutions for the wind energy sector 

Logically located in windy and remote areas that are attractive for energy production, but challenging for maintenance, a robust working at height solution is required to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Unpredictable weather can hamper work at height when using more traditional methods such as rope access, and can impact the downtime of turbines and add further costs to the customer.

The best powered access platforms for wind energy

Our extensive fleet of truck mounted cherry pickers are the ideal solution for undertaking those potentially problematic wind turbine repairs. Offering optimum stability and manoeuvrability allowing for precise positioning to carry out works and inspections in up to 28 mile per hour winds, our truck mounted platforms are also able to access remote locations and come equipped with mats and sleepers to cater for set up on all ground conditions.

For a professional approach, effective management, dedicated Wind Energy sector specialism, and high industry standards you can rest assured that your projects are in safe hands with Nationwide Platforms.

Case study - Mid Hill Wind Farm

Nationwide Platforms has recently provided working at height support for DH Renewables’ Mid Hill Wind Farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The farm hosts 33 wind turbine generators reaching heights of up to 90m and generating 75.9 megawatts of energy per year – enough to power 31,000 households annually.

Mid Hill Wind Farm

Case study - Hagshaw Hill Windfarm

The powered access leader has recently been providing working at height support for the Hagshaw Hill Windfarm, Scotland, which comprises 26 wind turbine generators, each standing 55 metres high. These help produce around 42 megawatts of energy annually – the equivalent of enough energy to power 23,000 households for one year.

Hagshaw Hill Windfarm

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