The IPAF Global Safety Report, 2022 highlights that falls from height continues to be a leading cause of fatal accidents during MEWP operation.

To mitigate against this risk, Nationwide Platforms have again raised the bar in safety through our latest technology - Harness ON™.

Harness ON™ is an intelligent anchor point that stops the MEWP’s operation until the operator attaches their harness carabiner. Harness ON™ is permanently shackled to the MEWPs anchor point and wired electronically into the MEWP’s function controls.

Once the carabiner is clipped onto Harness ON, an electronic signal tells the MEWP that operation is now safe and allows function until the carabiner is finally unclipped.

Harness ON™ is a simple solution and doesn’t impact on how an operator works. You simply click, connect, and operate to ensure safer working at height.

“Simple & straightforward. It’s easy to understand the concept, how it works and how it will save lives” - Peter Douglas, MD & CEO of IPAF

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with all sizes of carabiner clips
  • No need for a specialised harness
  • Compatible with all machines
  • Meets EU and ANSI safety standards
  • The MEWP will only operate when Harness ON™ has been connected

If you'd like to find out more about Harness ON™, please contact our dedicated team by emailing

  ​Harness ON™ Leaflet

Harness ON™ Video

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