The new SkyScreen™ is a lightweight mesh that encompasses the platform basket without compromising visibilty.


  • Lightweight mesh weighing only 2.5kg
  • Full height coverage from top hand rail down to the top of the kick strip
  • Tool-less installation, secured around handrails using velcro anchor points with magnets to secure to the kick strip
  • Constructed from a combination of fire retardant PVC outer and a woven mesh inner lining
  • Polycarbonate rods used to provide rigidity to the net along the access gate area.



  • Retains maximum visibility through the mesh whilst still providing dropped object protection
  • Provides containment for dropped objects, tools and materials down to 15mm in size
  • Quickly fitted/ removed on-site as required for each task
  • Compatible with other innovations including SkyRakBoom® and SkySiren® PCS™
  • Three panel design comprising of a left hand, a right hand and a gate section to provide total cover around the basket

MEWP Compatibility

The mesh has been tested in line with LPS 1215 - Requirements for the LPCB Approval and Listing of Scaffolding Cladding Material.

All materials are fire retardant

  SkyScreen Spec Sheet

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