Telehandler Hire

We have a great selection of telehandlers for hire from compact 6m machines to help you lift heavy materials on site to 14m telehandlers perfect for large event set up.


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Showing 1-4 of 4 results

Showing 1-4 of 4 results

Manitou MT625H – 5.85m Telehandler

Max lift height: 5.85m
Max forward reach: 3.40m
Overall length: 3.83m
Overall height: 1.92m

Manitou MT1033 - 9.98m Telehandler

Max lift height: 9.98m
Max forward reach: 7.15m
Overall length: 4.93m
Overall height: 2.30m

Manitou MT1440 – 13.53m Telehandler

Max lift height: 13.53m
Max forward reach: 9.38m
Overall length: 6.13m
Overall height: 2.45m

Manitou MT1840 – 17.55m Telehandler

Max lift height: 17.55m
Max forward reach: 13.08m
Overall length: 6.15m
Overall height: 2.45m

Why hire telehandlers from Nationwide Platforms

  • The UK’s leading provider of powered access machines
  • 31 local depots
  • Our telehandlers cover a range of working heights, from compact 6m machines to 14m telehandlers
  • Our telehandlers can be used as rough terrain forklifts
  • Our telehandlers are ideal for lifting heavy materials to height 

What are telehandlers used for?

A telehandler is a versatile lifting machine that is commonly used in the construction industry to pick and carry materials. ‘Telehandler’ is a shortened version of ‘telescopic handler’ that can be fitted with various attachments.

The most common attachment is a pallet fork that enables a telehandler to reach beyond traditional forklifts. This allows the telehandler to lift heavy loads including:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Pallets
  • Pipes
  • Timber
  • Packaged goods.

A fork lifting hook attachment turns the telehandler into a crane to lift and carry loads where forklift trucks might not be able to access or not be suitable for the task.

Buckets can also be attached to a telehandler in order to shift loose materials such as sand and shale. 

Compact telehandlers

Compact telescopic handlers are smaller than traditional telehandlers, offering more manoeuvrability due to a tighter turning circle and the ability to work on sites where space is at a premium.

How much weight can a telehandler lift?

Telehandlers come in a wide variety of sizes with load capacity relative to the machine’s build. Lift capacity for the MT625H compact model is 2500kg whereas the MT1440's max capacity is 4000kg. However, when a telehandler is at full reach either vertically or horizontally, the safe lift capacity is less. 

Why hire a telescopic handler?

Telehandlers are ideal when a rough terrain forklift is needed owing to the machine’s climbing power and ability to move through tough outdoor conditions using both four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering.

Telehandlers offer an excellent combination of lift capacity with a lifting height that gives a long reach to fetch and place materials where they are needed.

A telehandler forklift is a cost-effective materials-handling solution as a telehandler can carry out a wide range of tasks with a simple changing of attachments.  

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