Nationwide Platforms has expanded its fleet with an innovative low level access solution from Bravi that can reduce manual handling and speed up overhead installations.

The investment is for an initial order of 20 Leonardo HD low level access platforms, with accompanying Solo-Gyps drywall attachment, marking the first arrival of this powerful pairing in the UK.

As a stand-alone solution, the Bravi Leonardo HD 4.9m self-propelled platform is robust, versatile and a superior low level access product, ideal for mechanical and electrical contracts, also industrial and office based facilities management projects. It boasts exceptional manoeuvrability with a zero-turn, ultra-compact footprint and comfortable extendable dual decks.

Bravi Leonardo HD low level access platform with Solo-Gyps-Plasterboard attachmentThe addition of the Solo-Gyps drywall attachment - designed solely for use with the Leonardo HD - simplifies the positioning of plasterboard ceiling panels, saving manpower and effectively allowing one operator to lift panels without assistance. This is ideal for interior fit-out projects.

The latter point is especially important as social distancing measures mean that many contractors can only allow one person on a platform at a time. 

As part of the procurement process with Bravi, Nationwide Platforms provided input into a number of key additional safety and storage features that have been incorporated into the latest machines.

Nationwide Platforms Chief Operating Officer Paul Rankin comments: “Our investment in the Leonardo HD with Solo-Gyps from Bravi reinforces our commitment to continuing to provide the best, the safest and most modern equipment to our customers. Nationwide Platforms is the only provider in the UK to be offering the Leonardo HD with Solo-Gyps attachment, and we can provide expert advice to our customers on how to get the best out of the equipment.”

Bravi Platforms MD Pierino Bravi remarks: “Due to social distancing measures, many contractors are no longer allowing two people on the same platform, so vertical platforms that are compact and manoeuvrable enough to allow more units on the same job are the right solution to the current challenges, letting each operator work on his own.”

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