SkySiren® PCS™ is our award-winning safety system that gives you the highest available protection against the risk of entrapment or crushing incidents in a boom-type MEWP.  

It is the first truly preventative double protection secondary guarding solution developed by a UK powered access rental company.

That is why we call it Intelligent Secondary Guarding.


  • PCS™ (Pre-Crush Sensing) ultrasonic sensors constantly monitor above and behind the operator for entrapment hazards
  • If the sensors detect a hazard the platform is automatically stopped
  • Resetting the safety foot pedal restarts the platform
  • PCS™ personal alarm and warning light system
  • Latest version of SkySiren® pressure sensor guarding system as standard
  • Highly robust, compact and light design


  • Detects potential trap and crush hazards before they can occur – and automatically stops the platform
  • Operators can quickly move platform into ideal work position
  • Operators remain alert to additional risks when working close to trap and crush hazards
  • Proven industry-leading secondary guarding solution provides safety back-up – stopping the platform if an operator is pushed against the controls during an entrapment incident, and alerting people nearby with a klaxon and strobe light
  • Allows normal use of boom platform, there is no compromise on operational effectiveness
  SkySiren PCS Spec Sheet

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