SkySiren® for scissors is an industry-first secondary guarding solution designed to reduce the risk of injury from crushing on scissor type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

SkySiren® for scissors has been designed to alert colleagues to an entrapment incident whilst simultaneously stopping the motion of the platform.


  • Prevents machine operation and triggers audible and visual warning upon contact
  • Accidental triggers can be easily reset, reducing false alarms
  • Unobtrusive - integrated into scissor basket
  • System doesn’t conflict with ground controls


  • Minimises the risks associated with entrapment/crushing (73 fatalities 2016-2020 - IPAF Global Safety Report 2021)
  • Alerts “on the ground buddy” that an incident has occurred, enabling a swift rescue
  • Promotes best practice amongst operators
  • Doesn’t interfere with the day to day operation of the MEWP

MEWP Compatibility

SkySiren® for scissors is compatible with most Genie and SkyJack electric slab scissor lifts, and also works alongside other attachments.

Compliance with guidance

When working close to overhead obstructions, the use of a well-designed secondary guarding device, such as SkySiren®, should help MEWP users to satisfy the following:

i. PUWER - requires that the work equipment provided is “suitable for use”. Employers have a duty to identify potential groups at risk, by performing risk assessments, and then ensure that the risks created by the use of the equipment are eliminated where possible by a combination of hardware measures (guards, protection devices, warning devices) and software measures (safe systems of work, training). 

ii. If any particular risk assessment identifies a higher risk of potential entrapment (e.g. working close to overhead obstructions), then use of SkySiren® should probably be considered as part of a risk-reduction strategy together with the other recommendations in the Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Group guidance on “Avoiding Trapping/Crushing Injuries to People in the Platform” (e.g. re-planning the work route, specific familiarisation with the MEWP being used, planning a rescue routine and additional training in use of the MEWPs ground rescue controls).

iii. Industry Guidance - Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Group “Avoiding Trapping/Crushing Injuries to People in the Platform”. The emphasis in this guidance is on task-specific risk assessment to establish whether, having taken into account all of the issues raised in the document, there is a potential risk of entrapment/crushing in any given work situation.

SkySiren® for scissors is coming soon.

  SkySiren for scissors Spec Sheet

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