Celebrating World Wellbeing Week, 24th – 30th June 2024, powered access specialist Nationwide Platforms shares the array of support it offers its employees.

Recognising the importance of having accessible wellbeing resources, Nationwide Platforms (NWP) provides access to the Westfield Health Cash Plan which enables employees to claim back a range of healthcare costs, including consultation, prescription, dental, optical, chiropody and therapy treatment costs. 

Other measures include NWP’s cycle to work scheme and its recently updated maternity policy, where mothers receive 13 weeks of full company pay, meaning they can embrace parenthood whilst maintaining financial stability. Also available is the flexible working policy to enable employees to build their work/life balance, reduce stress and improve motivation in the workplace. 

Employee-Awards_compressed.jpgNationwide Platforms' 2023 employee awards ceremony.

Furthermore, it offers benefits such as a charity and fundraising programme that enables employees to pursue volunteering activities and a reward and recognition scheme to celebrate workers’ achievements and dedication.

IMG_4597_compressed.jpgSome NWP employees completed volunteering at Cancer Research UK stores across the UK in April 2024.

NWP has also invested in training and developing a mental health first aiders network across the whole business who are able to provide support and ensure individuals get the help they need.

Charlie Stanley, HR Director at Nationwide Platforms gave her top tips for dealing with stress and anxiety:

  1. 1. Get moving – Take advantage of NWP’s Cycle to Work Scheme, or if that’s a bit much even a quick stretch of the legs at lunchtime or a longer evening stroll can greatly increase your sense of wellbeing. Some NWP employees created new active habits following the 5k a day challenge in July 2023, and more recently this was continued in the May Movement Challenge where the collective goal was to walk or run 589 miles in five days. When we are active, we release endorphins which are linked to relieving pain and reducing stress.
  2. 2. Practice mindfulness – it’s easy to get swept up in the fast pace of working life but setting aside a minute or two to ground yourself in the moment can help bring peace and order to your otherwise busy day. Take time to focus on what the action you are completing requires – reminding yourself of the basic steps can provide calm and take the heat out of the current rush. You can also include breathwork which can reduce anxiety.
  3. 3. Build quality time – a work-life balance should always be promoted so that you have that quality time to do what you enjoy, whether that be playing a sport or curling up with a good book. At Nationwide Platforms there are several family friendly policies to support spending necessary time with family including its maternity and flexible working policies. 
  4. 4. Maintain open communication – whether that be with family and friends or a healthcare provider, talking through what’s going on can help identify the causes and offer solutions. At Nationwide Platforms you can reach out to your nearest Mental Health First Aider who will lend a listening ear and signpost you to an appropriate service. Or call the Employee Assistance Programme who offer a 24/7 service where you can talk to a qualified counsellor.

Charlie said, “Nationwide Platforms works hard to deliver policies to aid the working life of its employees from the top down recognising the importance of individuals’ wellbeing. We believe in a supportive workplace and want our people to feel they can ask for and access the services they may need.

“Our senior leadership team are very open to feedback and suggestions from our people. We have therefore opened several channels to make this possible with bi-monthly Team Talks, Ideas Lab, and Employee Roadshow. It’s been fantastic to highlight the important work we do to help others this World Wellbeing Week and I hope the top tips prove useful in all aspects of work and home life.” 

Charlie-Stanley_compressed.jpgCharlie Stanley, HR Director at Nationwide Platforms.

World Wellbeing Week is designed to offer a platform for individuals and companies worldwide to celebrate the diverse nature of wellbeing. 

Nationwide Platforms is proud to provide an inclusive and caring workplace and gets involved with other awareness campaigns throughout the year including, Mental Health Awareness Week and Stress Awareness Month. 

Most recently Nationwide held a steps challenge to encourage people to get out for more walks and to reap the benefits of movement and for the last couple of years have facilitated a 30-day challenge, with different activities every day to help combat stress.

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