Nationwide Platforms has introduced its latest innovation in safety, SkyShield™, which has been designed to minimise the risks of COVID-19 when installed on its range of truck mounted platforms.

Developed by the company’s dedicated research and development division, BlueSky Solutions, SkyShield™ is a lightweight screen which provides a protective barrier between the MEWP operator and occupants in the platform basket.
Designed in line with the latest COVID-19 guidance from the UK Government and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), SkyShield™ minimises the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by preventing workers from potentially coming into contact with a contaminated surface or with someone who might be carrying the virus. As a result, workers who would otherwise be unable to maintain a two metre distance within the confined work platform basket, are now able to safely carry out their tasks at height.
Made from a shatterproof polycarbonate material that weighs less than 15kg, SkyShield™ provides a physical barrier across the entire width and height of the basket and is transparent to maximise operator visibility and communication. It is also compatible with other BlueSky Solutions innovations such as the SkyTel™ antenna handling device and it does not affect the machine’s working wind speeds.
Alexis Potter, Director of Specialist Vehicles and Tracked Booms at Nationwide Platforms, said: “This is just one of many safety measures we are offering our customers to help protect them from the risks of COVID-19. Ensuring workers maintain two metre distancing when it comes to using MEWPs can be very challenging - especially when the majority of platform baskets measure less than two metres. The use of SkyShield when using our truck mounts is the perfect solution to this problem and once installed the customer is free and, importantly, safe to carry out the job at hand.”
SkyShield™ is currently available for Nationwide Platforms’ range of truck mounted platforms with working heights from 22 to 90 metres, with plans to cover the remaining specialist vehicles truck mounted models in the coming months.
As well as the introduction of SkyShield™, Nationwide Platforms has also implemented a number of safety procedures to ensure its customers and employees are protected. Part of this includes cleaning and sanitising every machine in its fleet before and after every hire using the latest Quill Hurricane atomising sanitation system. Not only does it kill 99.9% of all bacteria across large surface areas, it can also provide up to 14 days protection against the COVID-19 contamination.
For more details on how Nationwide Platforms is supporting its customers and the UK during the COVID-19 crisis visit our COVID-19 support page.



SkyShield Specification Sheet

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