The UK’s leading powered access rental company, Nationwide Platforms, is supporting all customers, including the critical, emergency and health services, during the COVID-19 crisis.

Nationwide Platforms has always put safety at the heart of its activities. This has never been so significant as this crisis continues to impact homes, work and daily life. With most of the country attempting to handle the COVID-19 crisis, Nationwide Platforms is still supporting all customers and especially the critical services such as infrastructure, healthcare, telecoms and power stations to keep the country functioning. We are here to serve!
Don Kenny, CEO, said, “Our priority is the safety of our customers and employees. We always operate to exceed the minimum standards of safety. Today, we continue our dedication to these highest levels of maintenance and support. Additionally, we want to assure customers of the extra measures we are taking to keep them safe.
We have had to adapt our business to still operate in this unprecedented event, but with the support of customers and employees we have been able to still offer the services we are proud of.”
Measures include:

  • In support of social distancing, all employees are working from home where possible with the support of our cloud-based technology, complemented by back-up servers

  • Depots are still running, albeit with very strict guidelines on working practice aligned to the UK Government’s guidelines

  • Our field engineers and truck mount operators have all been briefed on the revised COVID-19 business continuity measures

  • COVID-19 business continuity control measures ensure each of our machines receives a high-pressure wash upon returning from hire. Truck and van mounted platforms receive a cockpit cleanse prior to each hire

For a full breakdown of the complete measures please visit our Covid-19 Resource Page.

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