We've recently integrated 'what3words' technology into our booking system to help us to easily locate and deliver machines to any specific location that our customers request.

Postcodes and street addresses aren’t always accurate - sometimes they're not even available when a new site is being developed. It's in these instances that a 'what3words' reference will ensure we deliver to exactly the right location for you. Whether that's a building site entrance, a specific location on a large site, a motorway bridge, or even in front of a particular tree, every 3 square metre location on the planet has a unique 'what3words' reference.

Our customers can now simply tell us the 'what3words' reference when placing an order and we'll aim to deliver the machine(s) as close to that location as we can.

For more information and to find a 'what3words' reference for your delivery address, visit the what3words website and navigate the map to the location you'd like the delivery to be delivered or collected. If you have any queries, or if you need a new hire, please call us on 0345 745 0000 and our team will be happy to help.

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