The UK’s leading supplier of powered access for working at height, Nationwide Platforms, has recently announced a huge investment to add to its fleet of specialist vehicles for 2023.

This significant investment follows a previous overhaul of 8% of the fleet in 2021 and looks set to ensure the supplier sustains its place at the top of the powered access industry.

This continued investment will ensure that Nationwide Platforms’ fleet serves the needs of its customers, delivering highly effective machines that are safe and reliable.

Among the new machines are models supplied by CTE, GSR and Ruthmann Steiger (now under the Versalift banner) as well as the Finland-based Bronto Skylift, such as the Bronto T38 and the Bronto T56, with extended reach.

Two more Bronto S35EM machines have also been ordered. Eight of these machines were ordered by Nationwide Platforms earlier in 2022, making them the first UK company to invest in the Bronto Skylift S35EM fitted on a Scania Chassis. Designed to provide a city-safe option for truck-mounted lifts, this cutting-edge machinery will make inner city work safer and more efficient.  

In addition, the purchase of over 20 3.5 tonne truck-mounted platforms between 21-26m will substantially contribute towards the ongoing diversification of the Nationwide Platforms fleet. After the investment the company will have an extremely large fleet of 3.5 tonne trucks. These new machines will allow Nationwide Platforms to cover the self-operated market, so that companies need not hire a licensed operator alongside the machine.

“We’re looking to secure a more balanced split of both articulated and straight stick trucks with this investment. By diversifying our range in this way, we can cater to a much larger proportion of the powered access requirements in the industry, and make our clients that much happier in the process,” says Glenn Hall, Head of Sales at Nationwide Platforms.

“During an economically turbulent time, many businesses are having to reconsider their investments and even pull out of the market. However, Nationwide Platforms is dedicated to meeting customer demand and providing long-term security no matter the circumstances. With this impressive investment, we will continue to supply multiple sectors with the best in cutting-edge machinery throughout 2023.”  

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