Introduction to the my.Hires service

The Nationwide Platforms my.Hires service is available free of charge to all of our account customers. This service firmly puts you, the customer, in control of your access platform needs.

Provide access to the service for other colleagues by setting up sub-accounts, selecting which features they have access to.

Securely view your current hires, previous orders, collection and delivery information, and much more.

my.Hires - MEWP hire management at your fingertips, 24/7

The ability to manage most of your account servicing tasks without the need to pick up the phone. The my.Hires service gives you, the customer, a comprehensive set of functions to manage your hires with Nationwide Platforms:

  • View details of your current hires with the ability to extend the hire, cancel the hire, request assistance, view proof of delivery and more.
  • View machines which are awaiting collection, along with associated collection status
  • View details your upcoming hire orders, with the ability to cancel or view their delivery status
  • View details of your historical hire orders, with the ability to view costs and proof of collection
  • Subscribe to scheduled notification reports (for upcoming end of hires and current hires*)
  • Have instant visibility of activity on your account, such as deliveries, collections and new hire orders

The my.Hires service is part of the my.NationwidePlatforms suite of online tools. Explore the benefits of the other online tools in the suite, below

Access platform hire as a service

my.NationwidePlatforms is a suite of online tools which enable you to manage all aspects of your account. You can use any of the products within the suite to meet your needs.

A powerful set of tools covering all aspects of the worksite, including safety, efficiency, practicality and profitability.

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If you are an account holder with Nationwide Platforms, you have access to the entire suite of my.NationwidePlatforms products.

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