Introduction to the Nationwide Platforms API service

Nationwide Platforms have released an API service which allows you to directly integrate with our internal systems. This service provides a way for you to securely manage your hire account directly from within your own applications.

The Nationwide Platforms API is a powerful tool that allows your organisation to interact with many different Nationwide Platforms resources through a series of intuitive RESTful APIs.

You can securely view your current hires, previous orders, collection and delivery information, and much more.

API uses

The Nationwide platforms API provides access to many aspects of your account with us, some of which you can see below. It is best applied to programmatic interactions with your purchase order or site management platforms.

Our currently available APIs will allow you to integrate the following data points into your own systems:

  • Current hire order details
  • Delivery and Collection imagery
  • Hire extension functions
  • Hire cancellation functions
  • Early off hire functions
  • Assitance requests (Breakdown/Fault reporting)
  • Historical hire order details

Using the Nationwide Platforms API

The Nationwide Platforms API is an HTTP API based on RESTful design principles, with resources accessible via a URL similar to a website address. To gain access to the Nationwide Platforms API your development team or partners will need to complete the following steps.

1. Register via our developer hub.

2. Use the developer hub documentation to familiarise themselves and test integrations in our sandbox environment.

3. Deploy your integrations against your production platforms and increase your efficiency in working with Natonwide Platforms

The my.Data product is part of the my.NationwidePlatforms digital product suite.
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Access platform hire as a service

my.NationwidePlatforms is a suite of online tools which enable you to manage all aspects of your account. You can use any of the products within the suite to meet your needs.

A powerful set of tools covering all aspects of the worksite, including safety, efficiency, practicality and profitability.

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If you are an account holder with Nationwide Platforms, you have access to the entire suite of my.NationwidePlatforms products.

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