Introduction to the my.Alerts service

When you hire from Nationwide Platforms, you need to know what is happening across all aspects of your hire. We offer many different reports and alerts to help you understand what is relevant to you.

Nationwide Platforms understands that each customer is unique, this is where the my.Alerts service provides the ability for you to define what is relevant for you.

The my.Alerts product will be released in 2022 and will be available to you via the my.NationwidePlatforms service.


The my.Alerts service gives you the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to all of the avaialble reports and alerts which your hires may provide, these inclued:

  • Operational alerts including low battery, unsecure machines, multi-logins, geofence ingress/egress*
  • Utilisation alerts *
  • Delivery and collection alerts
  • New hire orders
  • Hire extensions

* Alerts only avaialble for customers who use the my.Site service

The my.Alerts product is part of the my.NationwidePlatforms digital product suite.
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