Scissor lift hire

Providing access up to 33m, our wide range of scissor lifts offer versatile access both indoors and outdoors, with electric, bi-fuel, hybrid, gas and diesel options available.


Working height


Showing 73-83 of 83 results

Showing 73-83 of 83 results

S225-24 - 22.5m Diesel scissor lift

Working height: 22.5m
Safe working load: 750kg
Platform/deck size: 4.5m x 2.36m
Platform height: 20.5m

SL210 - 23m Diesel scissor lift

Working height: 23m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 5.35m x 2.50m
Platform height: 21m

HL235D - 23.2m Diesel scissor lift

Working height: 23.2m
Safe working load: 1000kg
Platform/deck size: 5.22m x 2.40m
Platform height: 21.2m

Holland lift M250 - 27m Diesel Scissor Lift

Working height: 27m
Safe working load: 1000kg
Platform/deck size: 6.15m x 2.50 m
Platform height: 25m

HL275H - 27.2m Hybrid scissor lift

Working height: 27.2m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 2.35 x 6.15m
Platform height: 25.2m

Holland Lift HL275D - 27.2 Diesel Scissor Lift

Working height: 27.2m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 2.35m x 6.15m
Closed width: 2.50m

Dingli 2825RT - 28.0m Diesel Scissor Lift

Working height: 28m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 5.48m x 2.45m
Closed width: 2.50m

S280-25 - 28m diesel scissor lift

Working height: 28m
Safe working load: 750kg
Platform/deck size: 5.48m x 2.45m
Platform height: 26m

LL26X - 28.3m Diesel scissor lift

Working height: 28.3m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 6.50m x 2.5m
Platform height: 26.3m

Dingli 3225RT - 32.0m Diesel Scissor Lift

Working height: 32m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 6.20m x 2.45m
Closed width: 2.55m

HL340D - 33.5m Diesel scissor lift

Working height: 33.5m
Safe working load: 1,000kg
Platform/deck size: 6.66m x 2.80m
Platform height: 31.5m

Why hire scissor lifts from Nationwide Platforms

  • Working heights from 7m to 34m
  • Lightweight and compact machines
  • Direct drive electric machines for greater efficiency
  • Double deck and rough terrain
  • Variety of power options
  • Narrow aisle machines for access to confined areas
  • Non-marking tyre option for work on finished floors
  • Models with 1,134kg Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Lightweight models from 1,269kg
  • Power to platform available

Choosing which scissor lift to hire

A scissor lift is an aerial work platform that can lift operatives in a vertical direction to carry out a variety of tasks at height in industries including construction, manufacturing, and facilities management. Scissor lifts are named after the lifting mechanism used, typically a criss-cross configuration of tubes, powered by hydraulic cylinders to raise the platform.

Scissor lifts are usually self-propelled machines that are powered in different ways, generally dependent on their use. Electric scissor lifts are mainly used inside, utilising solid non-marking tyres and able to work in tight areas. Rough terrain scissors used outdoors are mostly diesel engined, with enough power to travel over challenging surfaces. There’s also a new generation of hybrid machines that feature electric and diesel engines.

Electric scissor lifts

Electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor work as they are quiet, light, emit no emissions and are fitted with non-marking tyres. Electric machines are compact and able to access job sites through doorways and corridors making them ideal for areas where space is restricted.

The working height of electric scissors make the units a good fit for work in warehouses and building management with tasks such as lighting maintenance and stocktaking. Electric scissors are also known as ‘slab scissors’.

The Genie GS-4047 - 13.7m Electric Scissor Lift is an indoor machine that can be driven at full height and offers excellent manoeuvrability in narrow aisles and tight spaces.

Diesel scissor lifts

Diesel scissor lifts are used in outdoor locations where the extra power of a diesel engine is needed to manoeuvre over rough terrain using lugged tyres, often using four wheel drive. Diesel scissors can also feature outriggers to offer support on uneven ground and are perfect for use in the construction industry and other applications such as signage tasks and cleaning projects.

The Haulotte COM12DX diesel scissor lift demonstrates the power benefits of a diesel engine, with four wheel drive and the capacity to lift two operators. The COM12DX does meet low emission zone standards so is one of the most environmentally friendly diesel machines.

Bi-energy scissor lifts

Bi-Energy scissors feature a direct electric drive with an onboard diesel generator so the unit can be charged in situ. Bi-Energy scissor lifts offer a ‘greener’ form of powered access with minimal emissions and quick charging batteries.

A Bi-Energy scissor lift such as the JLG M4069 gives a working height of 14.19 m with a platform capacity of 360 kg and is capable of working both indoors and outdoors. The M4069 can also climb gradients of up to 35% and is suitable for tasks such as factory maintenance.

Scissor lift training

It is recommended that before operating scissor lifts, you complete a recognised working at height training course such as the following:

IPAF 3A/3B Mobile Vertical/Mobile Boom Operator Course
IPAF 3A/3B/1B Mobile Vertical/Mobile Boom/Static Boom Operator Course

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