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The Titan Boom - 22 November

Presenting the Titan Boom - one of the most capable and versatile platforms available today. Join us for a showcase of this MEWPs capabilities and see how it is driving efficient operations for a range of users.

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  • ​Hire MEWPs online

  • Organise and administer your account

  • See all the features available now and coming soon in our webinar

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MEWP Masterclass

How to accelerate & simplify the interior fit-out process

  • ​Understanding risk at low levels

  • Key considerations

  • How the solution works

  • Key applications

  • Case study: a look at the solution in action

  • Q&A


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MEWP Masterclass

MEWP masterclass - safety and best practice in the powered access industry

  • ​Recognition of key risk factors associated with MEWP activities

  • Selecting the correct equipment for the task

  • Key risk factors and mitigation

  • MEWPs and social distancing

  • MEWP policy review

  • Bespoke material handling attachments

  • Current & safety innovations


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Pre-use checks - creating value out of best practice operations

  • ​Understand the pain points for different roles on-site

  • See how a robust MEWP pre-use checks system can remedy these challenges

  • Learn the different advantages that digital solutions can offer

  • Find new solutions that can improve safety and drive efficiency on-site


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How can you work safer and more effectively at low level?

  • Understand the main safety challenges of working at low height.

  • Get an updated look at where low-level access platforms can operate, and the vast improvements that have come in this area.

  • Learn how careful machine selection is important for getting the safest and most productive tool for your needs.

  • See innovations that are leading to safer working practices.

  • Look at the machines giving productivity benefits over traditional low-level working options.

  • Preview upcoming technologies that will further improve safety and productivity.

  • Understand the range of low-level platforms that are available with their innovative new developments.

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