Webinar: How can you work safer and more effectively at low level?

Wednesday 26th May, 11am


Do you work at low level? Low-level platforms have a much wider range of applications than you may have considered, across indoor and outdoor sites. This webinar led by industry expert Matt Parfitt will bring you up to date with the options that are now available and give advice on key issues.
Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the main safety challenges of working at low height.
  • Get an updated look at where low-level access platforms can operate, and the vast improvements that have come in this area.         
  • Learn how careful machine selection is important for getting the safest and most productive tool for your needs.
  • See innovations that are leading to safer working practices.
  • Look at the machines giving productivity benefits over traditional low-level working options.
  • Preview upcoming technologies that will further improve safety and productivity.
  • Understand the range of low-level platforms that are available with their innovative new developments.

Come and see the new options for working at low level that give operators safer and more efficient ways of working in all conditions and deliver a huge boost over the traditional alternatives.
Join us on Wednesday 26th May 2021, at 11am to take part. 


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