The Project

Nationwide Platforms was approached by Juszt Capital, who were arranging a World Record attempt on behalf of artist KaplaBen. KaplaBen uses KAPLA’ natural pine blocks to create beautiful wooden structures and was attempting to beat the world record for a free-standing wooden tower. The previous world record was set at 18.76m and KaplaBen was aspiring to reach an astounding 25m.

The Challenge

KaplaBen’s designs are intricate and feature a stunning domino collapse bringing an element of excitement and problem-solving to his work. He also requires the most suitable equipment to reach those heights, while preserving the delicacy of the structure. It was incredibly important for Nationwide Platforms to suggest MEWPs that not only reach the height KaplaBen was aspiring to, but also enabled the operator to get sufficiently close to the structure to place the top blocks in the pyramid design.


The Solution

Sam Dawes, Business Development Manager for Nationwide Platforms, worked closely with the project team to establish the best machines for the job, including a last-minute change of plan after a trial run before the event.

The team settled on two HL27 hybrid scissor lifts to assist the lower-level build stages. For the more difficult and intricate latter stages of the project, Nationwide Platforms had two of its HR28 hybrid boom lifts available on site. The articulating movement of these boom lifts, with their 28m working height and combined 6m outreach, enabled the arm to move closer to the pinnacle of the tower as it got taller and taller, making the machines vital for the meticulous placement of the final few blocks.


The Benefits

These machines were indispensable to the project, allowing to KaplaBen to build his tower to an astonishing height of 27.46m in the Olympia London, beating his previous record set five days before of 25.46m, and smashing the original world record of 18.76m.

Nationwide Platforms’ involvement in the project is testament to its ability to provide tailored access solutions to a variety of build projects, no matter how niche or technically complex they may be.

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