Nationwide Platforms, the UK’s leading provider of powered access hire for working at height, has become the first UK company to invest in the Bronto Skylift S35EM fitted on a Scania chassis.

Following a machine fleet investment of over 8% last year, Nationwide Platforms’ new investment ensures it continues to update its fleet according to the needs of its customers, delivering highly effective machines that are safe and reliable. 

The Finland-based Bronto Skylift is the perfect supplier for this investment. With a history of unrivalled safety standards over the past fifty years, they combine next-generation technology with advanced engineering. 

Frequently used among firefighters and rescue teams who put their lives on the line, Bronto Skylift’s products have been tested time and again in severe conditions.

The S35EM is an access work machine that can reach working heights of up to 35m and follows Bronto Skylift’s impressive track-record of putting both safety and efficiency at the forefront of its designs.

One of the most significant innovations of this S35EM is that it is mounted on a Scania L320 cab. This puts the machine on the same level as other vehicles travelling city streets, greatly increasing road safety with improved visibility. This is complemented by the cab’s City Safe Window, the design of which ensures significant increases to the driver’s ability to detect and avoid pedestrians and cyclists.  

The difficulty of navigating traffic and smaller, narrower roads within cities, where a lot of construction work takes place, can prove frustrating for machine operators and drivers. Innovations such as those made by the S35EM will improve the smoothness of inner-city driving between sites that larger machines so often find arduous. 

As well as improved manoeuvrability, the new machine is also designed with the aim of streamlining the on-site work itself. Equipped with a 5th generation Bronto+ control system and a resistive touch screen, the S35EM allows for stable, precise movements that will aid the worker in efficiently and safely completing their job. To further increase the workers’ safety, the machine is provided with a crushing-hazard protection for the operator. 

Ready to deploy within minutes, the Bronto Skylift S35EM looks to be an incredibly easy-to-use and effective rental machine. Nationwide Platforms are confident the investment will improve and streamline the build process for a long time to come.

Glyn Brearley, Business Director, Procurement and Training at Nationwide Platforms, commented: “We’re always listening to customer feedback and looking for ways to improve the service we provide while staying abreast of cutting-edge technology. This investment will ensure Nationwide Platform’s clients have access to cutting edge machinery that makes inner city work safer and more efficient.

“Bronto Skylift’s impressive track record chimes well with Nationwide’s own focus on customer satisfaction and safety, and we can’t wait to see the improvements these machines will bring to the industry.”

For more information visit the Bronto S35EM product page.

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