This World Environment Day, 5th June 2024, powered access specialist Nationwide Platforms is marking an industry pioneering move towards electric van mounted aerial platforms.

Supplied by Versalift, Nationwide Platforms is expecting delivery of two Ford E-Transit fully electric van mount platforms this month (June), which will be the first two for Nationwide Platforms and among the first 20 of their kind in the UK. 

The all-electric VTL E-Transit consists of a lithium-ion e-Tech powered 13m platform, on top of an electric Ford chassis, offering best in class driving range, up to 120 miles on a full charge. The platform has a 140º working vertical arc, allowing easy access to the underside of bridges, decks and platforms.

Versalift has the advantage of a single point of charge, allowing both the platform and vehicle to be charged simultaneously, unlike similar machines which require both elements to be plugged in separately. 

The technology is ideal for customers prioritising sustainability, especially in the growing number of emission zones, due to its 0% emissions. Additionally, the all-electric VTL E-Transit operates at noise levels 10 decibels lower than diesel engines, benefiting operators with significantly reduced fumes and noise. This makes the all-electric VTL perfect for use in residential areas.

The first two E-Transit vehicles will be based at Nationwide Platforms’ Birmingham and Warrington depots, where the company’s first two Volvo FM Electric 4x2 tractor units were delivered last year, further helping to drive down fleet emissions while complementing existing and upcoming clean air zone regulations in both regions.

Glenn Hall, Head of Market Development – Specialist Vehicles said, “Sustainability is a key driver for the business, and we’re keen to introduce our customers to this new technology. It’s definitely a step in the right direction for Nationwide Platforms to achieve our sustainability goals.

“We’ve worked really closely with Versalift to make sure the E-Transits meet our customers’ needs, and are confident they will be in great demand. The vans will be of especially great use on jobs in inner-city environments where low emission regulations continue to tighten.”

Chris Wrenn, Head of Sales for Versalift UK and RUTHMANN UK said “We are delighted to continue our strong partnership and relationship with Nationwide Platforms that now includes our innovative fully electric and hybrid offering. Versalift looks forward to supporting Nationwide Platforms in its drive to a more sustainable future.”

Both E-Transits will be fitted with Nationwide Platforms’ game-changing safety device, Harness ON™. Designed to mitigate against the risk of falls from height, Harness ON™ permanently connects its intelligent induction technology to the manufacturer's designated anchor point. The device is wired to the machine's control panel too, so that when the operator clips the standard lanyard carabiner onto the device, the circuit is completed, granting uninterrupted access to all MEWP functions. This means that for the platform to operate at all, the operator must be securely fastened in.

Alongside the two fully electric vehicles, Nationwide Platforms has also invested in a number of hybrid powered platforms, which feature the e-Tech battery packs fitted to diesel vans. These machines share many of the same benefits as the platform can operate when the vehicle’s engine is off, reducing the vehicle’s carbon emissions.

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