Nationwide Platforms, the UK’s leading provider of powered access for working at height, is excited to announce its latest fleet expansion with the addition of high-performance Manitou telehandlers

The telehandlers will be available for hire from the company’s Warrington depot, catering to customers in the North West region across the construction, arborist, agriculture and other working at height sectors. The investment introduces four different models into the Nationwide Platforms fleet; the MT625, MT1033, MT1440 and MT1840, each equipped with a range of extra attachments including construction buckets, lifting hooks and extension forks. 

This strategic investment aligns with Nationwide Platforms’ commitment to providing unmatched levels of capability across multiple markets, and the new machines are equipped with a variety of features for enhanced operation.

One standout feature of the Manitou telehandlers is their ergonomic ‘Joystick Switch-and-Move’ (JSM) system. Designed so that the joystick’s different controls align with the fingers and thumb of the driver’s resting hand, this system optimises operator control of the machine’s extension functions, allowing small, precise movements for smooth, safe and ambidextrous operation. 

High standards of safety and performance have always been at the core of Nationwide Platforms’ fleet, and the Manitou telehandlers excel in both aspects. These machines boast meticulously engineered weight distribution, ensuring optimal load capacities for their respective sizes. Moreover, the overload safety protection system provides early warnings to operators, balancing generous safety margins with class-leading performance. 

For enhanced site safety, three of the telehandlers–- the MT625, MT1440 and MT1840–- feature fully automatic parking brakes. Operators can conveniently dismount and re-engage the machines, as the automatic brakes are applied accordingly. The additional seat sensor technology guarantees that the machine remains immobile until the driver is seated and the throttle pedal is engaged.

This significant telehandler investment reinforces Nationwide Platforms’ commitment to providing customers with the safest, most efficient, and most technologically advanced machines for working at height. The company has recently underscored this with various investments in solutions such as the highly successful Harness ON device, investment in Volvo Electric FM truck units, and its suite of telemetry services for customers. 

Glyn Brearley, Business Director, Procurement and Product Strategy at Nationwide Platforms, says, "This investment will ensure our clients have access to the latest in machinery technology that supports high levels of safety and productivity for working at height. It’s a busy time for many of our customers and we're pleased to be able to announce an investment that ensures we remain their trusted powered access and material handling solutions provider."

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