Nationwide Platforms are now offering a range of BIM files covering our MEWP fleet, giving you the ability to virtually add our platforms to your Building Information Modelling simulations.

Partnered with BIMStore, these can be downloaded on the Nationwide Platforms, or BIMStore websites. 

These files will allow architects, surveyors and planners to virtually select the best Powered Access platform for projects at any stage of their building lifecycle. Including all key aspects of the MEWPs within each file, the most suitable Powered Access platform for each task can be selected and tested, and safe ways of working can be found. Virtually modelling against a range of characteristics including: 

  • MEWP size and range of motion 

  • Ground Pressure 

  • Emissions 

This means you can select the best MEWP to meet your requirements, testing in advance via computer simulation to confirm this. 

Contributing to improved safety and productivity, this resource is one way that Nationwide Platforms helps our customers to run a more efficient business. 

In 2016, it became mandatory for all public sector projects to use Level 2 BIM as per the Government Construction Strategy. 


Why BIM? 

  • Encourages collaboration and integrates workflow 

  • Promotes faster, more intelligent design 

  • Facilitates accurate simulation and visualisation 

  • Assists effective life-cycle management 

  • Improves cost control and forecasting 

  • Optimises facilities and asset management 

You can access our BIM library and find out more here: Nationwide Platforms BIM store or if you would like to contact us about BIM please e-mail us at

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