We’re very pleased to announce that from Monday 1 August, Nationwide Platforms will offer HVO from a selection of our depots.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a 100% renewable alternative to white diesel that is invaluable in reducing emissions as we all work towards the UK’s net-zero carbon target. While not all depots will stock HVO, those selected are in key locations and ensure we're able to offer coverage across the UK.

White diesel will remain our primary source of fuel, but our machines can be fuelled with either. When placing an order, customers should specify if they require white diesel or HVO. Where this is not specified, white diesel will be provided however there may be traces of HVO in the tank on delivery, depending on the previous use of the machine. 

How does this impact our current machine pricing? 

There's no change to how we charge for fuel as it’s already included as part of a quote. The rate charged will be dependent on the fuel type requested by customers and will be shown on the quote.  

NWP will continue to offer a single rate per fuel type. The rate is not fixed and will continue to be subject to market fluctuations. We continue to monitor fuel prices daily and if the rate fluctuates, in either direction, by more than 5% we will adjust our rates accordingly. 

For more information about the cost of our fuels, please contact your Account Manager. 

Any other questions? 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the fuel you have on an existing quote, please contact your Account Manager. 

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