Improve your best practice operations

MEWP operators are trained to conduct pre-use checks on machines prior to use, to help maintain a safe working environment. To assist this process, Nationwide Platforms offer a selection of pre-use check forms on our website.
These are designed to encourage best-practice of performing pre-use checks, and offer a digital solution to the record keeping requirements for this.


What are pre-use check forms?

Pre-use checks help MEWP operators verify the safety of their machine before it is used. Digital pre-use check forms are available from Nationwide platforms for our Scissor lifts, Booms and Low-level lifts.

Why should operators use them?

  • They are an easy way for operators to carry out pre-use checks on machines they use, as per best practice guidelines.

  • The forms create a consistent format for the checks to be carried out, covering all key machine components.

  • They can be shared with your supervisors and managers quickly and easily, saving you time.

Why should managers encourage use of pre-use checks forms?

  • Easily created digital audit trail of all checks performed.

  • Helps identify potential problems with training or machine serviceability.

Where can I find them?


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