Truck mounted cherry picker hire

Our truck mounted cherry pickers offer flexible access from 14m to 90m, with both self-drive and operated hire options available.


Working height


Showing 25-31 of 31 results

Showing 25-31 of 31 results

T48P - 48m Truck mount

Working height: 48 m
Safe working load: 600 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.15 x 1.05 m
Power: Diesel

T50JB - 50m Truck mount

Working height: 49.5 m
Safe working load: 600 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.20 x 0.90 m
Power: Diesel

T56B-XR - 56m Truck mount

Working height: 56 m
Safe working load: 600 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.4 X 1.0 m
Power: Diesel

T58R - 58m Truck mount

Working height: 58 m
Safe working load: 500 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.30 x 0.90 m
Power: Diesel

T70B - 70m Truck mount

Working height: 70 m
Safe working load: 600 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.4 x 1.0 m
Power: Diesel

T70B-XR - 70m Truck mount

Working height: 70 m
Safe working load: 600 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.4(3.7m) x 1.0 m
Platform height: 68 m

T90B - 90m Truck mount

Working height: 90 m
Safe working load: 600 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.4 x 1.0 m
Power: Diesel

Why hire truck mounted platforms from Nationwide Platforms

  • More than 270 units available to hire across the UK
  • Working heights from 13m to 90m
  • Self drive options up to 26m (3.5T and 7.5T chassis)
  • All vehicles available with experienced IPAF trained operators
  • Most cost effective method of access for short term hires
  • Large fleet of 4 wheel drive machines – ideal for off road application
  • Narrow jacking and zero tail swing models available
  • Models with SWL of up to 700kg

What are truck mounted cherry pickers

A truck mounted cherry picker is a powered access platform installed on a truck or lorry chassis that has specially adapted outriggers to ensure stability.

When to use truck mounted cherry pickers

Truck mounted cherry pickers are suitable for a variety of working at height applications including the energy industry, telecommunications and building maintenance.

Truck mounted cherry pickers offer a cost-effective method of moving between job sites and are also very quick to set up for immediate use. We offer self-drive options up to 26m (3.5T and 7.5T chassis) and experienced IPAF trained operators with models with a higher working height.

Truck mounted cherry pickers have a small footprint so even with outriggers deployed for increased stability, they can be set up in busy urban areas with little disruption. Their telescopic booms enable both working at height and an impressive outreach ensuring flexibility for the operator. Truck mounted platforms are often four-wheel drive, making them suitable for use on rough terrain.

Choosing a truck mounted cherry picker

There are a wide range of truck mounted work platforms available, from smaller models that offer working heights up to 13m, to large truck mounts such as the Bronto T90B which offers a working height of up to 90m and an outreach of 31m.

The Bronto truck mounted platform T46B is built to support safe and effective working at height on a wide variety of applications. The T46B is regularly used for tasks in the facilities management and highway maintenance industries and can be fitted with a camera cage for aerial filming in the media sector. The cage can carry up to 600 kg of operators and materials to a working height of 46 m and outreach of 24 m. The ability of the T46B to work in such a range of areas demonstrates the versatility of this powered access platform.

Truck mounted cherry picker training

The IPAF 1b Static Boom course trains operators to set up and operate a static boom, such as a vehicle mounted cherry picker.

Our combined IPAF OP: Mobile Vertical/Mobile Boom/Static Boom 3A 3B 1B programme includes vehicle mounted cherry pickers, static and mobile boom lifts.  

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