Boom lift hire

With a wide range of boom lifts for hire offering working height access from 10m to 56m we're sure to have the perfect cherry picker for your needs. Hire today.


Working height


Showing 25-48 of 56 results

Showing 25-48 of 56 results

HR17H - 17m Hybrid boom lift

Working height: 17.2 m
Outreach: 9.4
Safe working load: 225 kg
Weight: 5000 kg

TITAN60 - 20m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20 m
Outreach: 14.6
Safe working load: 1350 kg
Weight: 18000 kg

Z60FE - 20m Hybrid boom lift

Working height: 20.16 m
Outreach: 11.15
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 7756 kg

60AJX - 20.29m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20.29 m
Outreach: 12.12
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 10650 kg

G60X - 20.39m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20.39 m
Outreach: 11.05
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight - air filled: 10025kg

HA20RTJPRO - 20.6m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20.6 m
Outreach: 12.2
Safe working load: 230 kg
Weight: 9600 kg

HA20PX - 20.65m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20.65 m
Outreach: 13.5
Safe working load: 230 kg
Weight: 11710 kg

HR21D - 20.8m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20.8 m
Outreach: 12.5
Safe working load: 225 kg
Weight: 6220 kg

HR21H - 20.8m Hybrid boom lift

Working height: 20.8 m
Outreach: 12.5
Safe working load: 225 kg
Weight: 6500 kg

Z62 - 20m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 20.87 m
Outreach: 12.47
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 10766 kg

S65X - 21.8m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 21.8 m
Outreach: 17.1
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 10102 kg

66JX - 22.12m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 22.12 m
Outreach: 17.3
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 13500 kg

HT23RTJ - 22m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 22.5 m
Outreach: 18.3
Safe working load: 230 kg
Weight: 13400 kg

HA260PX - 25.6m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 25.6 m
Outreach: 16.2
Safe working load: 230 kg
Weight: 15890 kg

Z80 - 25.6m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 25.6 m
Outreach: 18.29
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 17010 kg

80JX - 26.5m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 26.38 m
Outreach: 15.74
Safe working load: 230 kg
Weight: 16110 kg

G85X - 27.7m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 27.7 m
Outreach: 23.4
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 16500 kg

S85 - 27.9m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 27.9 m
Outreach: 23.32
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 17236 kg

HR28H - 28m Hybrid boom lift

Working height: 28 m
Outreach: 19
Safe working load: 280 kg
Weight: 14700 kg

860SJ - 28.21m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 28.21 m
Outreach: 22.86
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 16511 kg

HA32PX - 31m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 31.8 m
Outreach: 21.3
Safe working load: 250 kg
Weight: 20800 kg

1200SJP - 38.73m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 38.73 m
Outreach: 22.86 m
Safe working load: 230 kg
Weight: 18500 kg

1250AJP - 40.1m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 40.1 m
Outreach: 19.25
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 19958 kg

S125 - 40.15m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 40.15 m
Outreach: 24.38
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight: 20248 kg

  • Working heights from 10m to 56m 
  • A variety of power options including electric, hybrid and diesel 
  • Narrow aisle machines for working in areas where space is limited 
  • Telescopic or articulating action
  • Rough terrain tyre options available for outdoor use
  • Non-marking tyres options available for use on finished floors

Choosing which boom lifts to hire

A boom lift is a type of aerial lift that is ideal for projects where both horizontal and vertical reach are required. Boom lifts allow a work platform on a hydraulic arm to rise up over obstacles to reach hard-to-access areas. Boom lifts are commonly known as cherry pickers.

Cherry pickers are available in a variety of specifications. Articulated boom lifts are best suited for applications where the work platform needs to reach up and over obstacles. Telescopic boom lifts give the greatest horizontal reach and have a capacity for heavier loads.

Boom lifts are also available with a wide range of power options. Electric booms offer a quiet and efficient solution for indoor or busy working environments as well as providing zero-low emissions. Diesel booms offer maximum flexibility for external applications such as steel erection and construction sites. Hybrid and Bi-Energy options are also available.

Articulated electric boom lifts

Battery powered articulated booms are perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Electric booms are supplied with non-marking tyres. Articulating boom lifts enable up and over access and are extensively used for tasks such as facilities management, cleaning, and point of service delivery.

The Z30N Genie articulated electric boom lift is ideal for applications where you need a narrow machine with a compact chassis to access aisles and tight spaces. This Genie electric lift has zero tail swing and front arm swing in raised and stowed positions.

Electric mast boom lifts

Electric mast booms offer a narrow turning radius allowing easy access into small spaces. With 360° rotation, mast booms give users versatility when working indoors on applications such as building maintenance and warehousing.

The Haulotte Star 10 vertical mast with features such as a narrow turning circle and a positive/negative job is ideal for working in places where access is limited. The Star 10 has a low total weight so is easy to transport and is kitted out with safety items such as a motion alarm, flashing beacon and an anti-entrapment system.

Telescopic diesel boom lifts

Diesel telescopic booms are designed to support safe and effective working at height outdoors. The advantages of diesel telescopic lifts (sometimes called stick booms) include access to greater working heights and increased safe working load that allows up to three operators on some models.

The Genie S45X telescopic boom has the drive speed and traction to get around rough terrain and jobsites. The S45X shows how a stick boom gives easy manoeuvrability and positioning in small spaces with a 360˚continuous rotation turntable.

Articulated diesel boom lifts

Diesel articulated boom lifts are ideal for up and over powered access with both a horizontal and vertical reach perfect for applications in industries such as construction and building maintenance.

The Z45DJX Genie articulated diesel boom illustrates how an engine-powered articulating cherry picker gives the power for rugged outdoor construction and industrial use.

Bi-energy boom lifts

Bi-Energy booms include an energy/battery system with a generator that can charge batteries during operation, offering a full-day’s work on an overnight charge to give you the ability to work in a wide range of environments.

The Niftylift HR15NBS is a self-propelled cherry picker that combines the eco-friendliness of bi-energy machines with an impressive working envelope and light weight which makes this boom both easy to manoeuvre and cheap to transport.

Hybrid boom lifts

Hybrid booms are environmentally conscious work platforms that can operate on diesel and automatically use their electric motor to boost power whenever needed. Hybrid boom lifts such as the Niftylift HR28H can operate on battery alone, making this unit ideal for indoor applications.

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