Depot details

Cairnrobin Pipe Yard, Portlethen, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, AB12 4SB, United Kingdom

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3226 - 9.92m Electric scissor lift

Working height: 9.92 m
Safe working load: 227 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.13 x 0.71 m
Platform height: 7.92 m
£154.00 per week

GS3369RT - 11.96m Diesel scissor lift

Working height: 11.96 m
Safe working load: 454 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.79 x 1.6 m
Platform height: 9.96 m
£268.00 per week

COM14 - 13.8m Electric scissor lift

Working height: 13.8 m
Safe working load: 350 kg
Platform/deck size: 2.3 x 1.2 m
Platform height: 11.8 m
£338.00 per week

Z45DJX - 15m Diesel boom lift

Working height: 15.69 m
Outreach: 7.6
Safe working load: 227 kg
Weight - air filled: 6542 kg
£352.00 per week

Hiring powered access equipment in Aberdeen

Nationwide Platforms offers a wide range of booms, cherry picker, scissor lifts and van and lorry mounted for Aberdeen and the east of Scotland

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