PASMA Combined Low Level Access & Towers for Users Course

Dates: Running between January - March 2020

Locations: London East, Manchester, Leeds


Current Legislation, Regulations and Guidance affecting working from low level access units and standard mobile access towers, PASMA Code of Practice, PAS250 (Publicly Available Specification), assembling, altering and dismantling, incorporates current best practice for fall protection, inspection of both low level and standard mobile access towers. Tower Inspection Records; hazards affecting the use of units & platforms.

Course Objectives:
How to safely assemble, dismantle and relocate low level access units and standard mobile access towers without risk of personal injury to the delegate or others. 

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who may work from low level access units and standard mobile access towers.

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Price: £200 per person

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Available courses

  • Location: London East Date: 29 January 2020 Price: £200 (plus vat)

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  • Location: Manchester Date: 10 February 2020 Price: £200 (plus vat)

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  • Location: Leeds Date: 21 February 2020 Price: £200 (plus vat)

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  • Location: London East Date: 6 March 2020 Price: £200 (plus vat)

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