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Influencing and supporting our customers, suppliers and industry with sustainability issues.

Influencing and supporting our customers, suppliers and industry with sustainability


A big part of our ambition for corporate responsibility involves working with our customers. Achieving our aims means helping our customers to achieve theirs.

We recognise that becoming a more sustainable company means encouraging change, change that adds value to the service that we offer. Doing this means offering products and services that our customers can use to develop their own corporate responsibility agendas.

We have already introduced technology that helps our customers achieve their aims to encourage best practice, such as the Material Handling Attachments that reduce occurrences of materials on handrails or causing trip hazards in the platform. We also introduced technology to support our customers' Health and Safety ambitions, such as the innovative solution to operator entrapment, the SkySiren® and the SkySentry® system to prevent unauthorised use.

In the Environment section of this website, we have discussed how our business is further researching and developing products that can help our customers measure, monitor and reduce their impact on the environment.

Internally, we continue to invest and improve our work practices to ensure that the experience of hiring from us is second to none. Our TechX and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programmes are both designed to improve the efficiency of our processes, helping to reduce the amount of waste created by our operations as well as improving the reliability of our machines. Preventative maintenance means that we are able to keep machines in top condition preventing breakdowns. This keeps our customers working and also reduces the waste and emissions that are associated with the call out and repair of a machine.

By taking the approach outlined above, the hire of a machine from Nationwide Platforms is not only easy and cost effective, but it is safer, more efficient and comes at less of a cost to the environment. These initiatives are just some of the examples of how we've been dedicated to reaching the targets that we established for Corporate Responsibility, as well as how dedicated we are to helping our customers achieve theirs.


Sustainability Policy

In 2011 we launched a pioneering Corporate Responsibility programme that outlines our aims for the next decade.

Download the 
Sustainability Policy and learn more about how we plan to make a positive impression on the communities, environments and people touched by our work.