Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

Committed to reducing our impact on the environment


We understand that some of our operations may have an impact on the environment therefore we are committed to minimising these impacts as well as working to help our customers understand and reduce their impact on the environment through the hire of access platforms.

Our greatest impacts are largely the same as those recognised by many of our customers and peers:

  • Costs and emissions associated with the use of electricity
  • The need for the efficient use of water
  • Emissions derived from running a commercial and company vehicle fleet
  • Handling and disposing of the resulting hazardous waste from access platform rental

We have devised and initiated a series of measures to tackle the issues outlined above, from encouraging our employees to make small changes in their daily habits and so deliver big reductions in our electricity use, to implementing new procurement policy changes that mean all new vehicles in the company have lower emissions and start/stop technology.

As a part of our dedication to developing corporate responsibility in the marketplace, we are working to develop a number of environmentally conscious products. These include the new SkySentry® system, which has the ability to monitor and measure machine use more accurately, the trial of new battery technologies that are designed to improve the efficiency of machine charging and the purchase of new machines with hybrid technology.

As our programme develops and expands, we will be offering further environmentally friendly products to help encourage and support our customers on their road to corporate responsibility and helping them to achieve their own environmental targets.

In June 2012, we launched the internal Nationwide Platforms Green Award, which challenges depots to reduce their utility use as much as possible. During the course of the competition, the different depots will be pitted against each other to achieve the biggest reductions. The winner will be awarded with the Nationwide Platforms Green Award trophy and a cash prize that is intended to fund the purchase of green technology to help improve ongoing utility reduction.


Sustainability Policy

In 2011 we launched a pioneering Corporate Responsibility programme that outlines our aims for the next decade.

Download the 
Sustainability Policy and learn more about how we plan to make a positive impression on the communities, environments and people touched by our work.