Savannah Project

A two year charitable venture to help raise funds for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL)



The Savannah Project is a charitable venture to help raise funds for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). ZSL is a charity and a world leader in wildlife conservation, science and education. The concept for the project is based on the striking similarity of the group’s fleet of powered access equipment operating in an industrial landscape and giraffes ‘operating’ in their landscape of the African Savannah.

For the next two years the group of companies Lavendon will donate the entire rental revenues of one of its most popular powered access machines (a Genie electric boom) to ZSL.

The unit, affectionately named Yazz, has been beautifully hand painted with the characteristic giraffe markings, and will initially be available to hire through Nationwide Platforms in the UK and then from the Group’s European business operations in Germany, France and Belgium.

The story so far...


We wanted this project to touch as many of our staff and associates as possible. So rather than simply taking a new machine and painting it, we formed a multidisciplinary team to undertake a more ambitious route.

With support and donated components from our major suppliers, Genie, Pirtek and Platinum Batteries, two teams of four apprentices from Nationwide Platforms set about completely refurbishing two units in a hugely successful competition.

The wining unit was then sent for sandblasting and undercoating at Freelance UK Ltd, after which local artist, Peter Barber was commissioned to paint the distinctive and beautiful giraffe markings. The artist felt the machine began to take on a personality of its own, and that 'it' was now a 'he', and that his name is indeed Yazz. 

Present Day...


Yazz has been travelling near and far supporting the Zoological Society of London.

Here are just some of the many adventures that Yazz has been on so far...

Yazz helping take the lights down at Bluewater    Yazz at My Fresh   Yazz at Heathrow Tunnell

Support ZSL by hiring Yazz for your next working at height task

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