Emergency Lowering Guidance

At Nationwide Platforms, safety is our primary concern in all of our areas of operation.


One of the steps we have taken to advance working at height safety is to introduce emergency lowering guidance for many of our machines. The aim of this guidance is to supplement the manufacturer's manual by pulling together relevant information on issues to consider when setting up a machine, as well as providing information on how to safety bring a machine down from height using the ground controls.

This short guidance has been produced with colour pictures to allow for easy identification of relevant parts and is available in any one of the following three ways:
Available for download from this web page. This is aimed to encourage businesses  and end-users to download the guidance when planning their work at height, such as when preparing a method statement. The documentation can then also be used for pre-task briefings and for refreshers.
Copies of the emergency lowering guidance will always be made available with the operator's manual in the basket the machine delivered to site. This hard copy can be used by both the operator and appointed rescuer prior to work commencing.
QR technology: Each machine with an emergency plan will have a QR code fitted adjacent to the emergency lowering controls. This can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet  with any QR code reader installed. The scan will take you directly to a PDF version of the emergency lowering plan for that machine.

The QR Code
A Quick Response or "QR" code looks like a square-shaped barcode and can often be found on adverts, posters, in magazines and more. Now you'll also find them on the majority of our access platforms to help make accessing emergency lowering guidance even easier.
Simply download a QR scanning application or "app" for any smart phone or tablet fitted with a camera and scan the code to access the machine specific documentation.

Which App do I need to download?
IPhone: "SCAN" - available to download from iTunes.
Android: "SCAN" - available to download from Google Play.
Blackberry: Search for a "QR Code Scanner" in Blackberry App World.
Nokia: Many Nokia smart phones already have a Nokia Barcode Reader installed

What happens when I scan the QR Code?
When your QR code scanner application recognises the barcode your internet browser will be directed to view or download the appropriate guidance. If the machine has a familiarisation video attached to it, you will get the otion to view either.

Accessing Emergency Lowering Guidance
Remember, you can download emergency lowering documentation directly from the bases of the vast majority of units in the Nationwide Platforms by using a "QR code scanner" on your smart phone or tablet. 
A print version of emergency lowering documentation is available in the basket of every Nationwide Platforms machine where a plan has been developed and is also available on the right side of this wep page for use in assisting with the development of method statements.

Boom Lifts

Genie Electric and Bi-energy Boom Lifts

 Z30, G30, G34 and Z45 (with familiarisation video)

JLG Electric Boom Lifts

JLG Electric and Bi-energy Boom Lifts

Genie Diesel Boom Lifts

Z80, S125 and Z135

Genie Large Diesel Boom Lifts
Z135/70, Z80Z80 & S125, Z62

Genie Large Diesel Boom Lifts
ZX135/70 (with familiarisation video)

Genie Diesel Boom Lifts
Z4525, Z45/25j

JLG Diesel Boom Lifts

Niftylift Bi-Energy Boom Lifts

HR12, HR12 NB and HR12 4x4

Niftylift Diesel Boom Lifts

HR15N, HR21D

TITAN 60-S & 40-S

T60-S & 40-S (with familiarisation video)


Scissor Lifts

Genie Electric Scissor Lifts

GS1930, GS31932, GS2032, GS2046, GS2632, GS2646, GS3232, GS3246 (with familiarisation video)

Genie Electric Scissor Lifts - Gen 3 & 4

Genie Electric Scissor Lifts - Gen 5


Haulotte Compact 14 Electric Scissor Lifts

JLG Electric Scissor Lifts

JLG Electric and Bi-energy Scissor Lifts
4069 and M4069

JLG Scissor Lifts - E3 Series
1932, 2033, 2046 and 2646

SkyJack Electric Scissor Lifts
3215 and 3219
3226, 4226, 4626 and 4632

Genie Diesel Scissor Lifts
GS3384, GS4390 and GS5390

SkyJack Diesel Scissor Lifts
68 Series RT
9241 and 9250

Genie Diesel Scissor Lift
GS2668 RT

SkyJack Diesel/LPG Scissor Lifts
7127, 7135, 8831 and 8841

Tracked Access Machines 


Hinowa Tracked Access Machines (with Familiarisation Video)

Truck Mounted

CTE Z20 Truck Mount

Versalift Eurotel
ET32LF, ET36LF and ET38LF

Gardner Denver Truck Mount
Gardner Denver

Ascendent 18mtr Truck Mount
Ascendent 18mtr

Low Level

Nano Push Around Vertical Personnel Lifts

Nano SP and Nano SP +

Genie Runaround
GR15 and GR20

Power Tower
Power Tower


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