Bespoke Products

An “off the shelf” solution is not always a good fit, which is why Nationwide Platforms has a dedicated team providing bespoke solutions to our customers.

Bespoke Products

BespokeResized.pngWe know that our customers are not looking for a “one size fits all” approach. This is why we have a dedicated team of developers continually looking to meet your bespoke needs. 

In response to customer needs our teams have already:

  • Developed a series of hydraulically powered material handling attachments to securely and precisely position heavy materials, helping to boost efficiencies and increase productivity on customers’ sites throughout the UK 
  • Created solutions for telehandlers to be operated by remote control
  • Worked with customers to create solutions for installing cladding in a safe and efficient manner, without the need for manual handling at height
  • Provided products to support the installation of heavy, awkward and bulky materials at a wide range of working heights.

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