SkyTel™ from Nationwide Platforms is the latest innovation in safety and efficiency, reducing the need for manual handling of antennas in the telecoms sector



Specialist material handling attachment for safer and more efficient lifting and lowering of antennas.

Fully welded lightweight aluminium construction 
All components less than 20kg (safe manual handling)
Tool-less design for installation/ removal
Easily installed/ removed in minutes
Lightweight aluminium chain block provides precision movement
Rotates through 270 degrees to aid positioning 
Kit includes basket pads to prevent dmage to both antenna and platform basket

Reduction in manual handling of newer, heavier, antennas
Reduction to a single rigger and MEWP operator in basket which allows the rest of the installation team to prepate equipment and carry out other works whilst antenna is being removed/ installed, therefore improving productivity. 

Download the SkyTel spec sheet here


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