SkySentry™ is a simple and effective fleet management system designed to help you reduce costs, drive efficiency and improve safety.



SkySentry™ is a simple and effective system that prevents unauthorised use, help reduces costs, increase productivity and improve safety.

SkySentry™ is a full service system designed to improve the management of your powered access fleet across multiple sites and safeguards against unauthorised use.

The system offers unrivalled access and visibility of not only who is operating a machine at any one time, but also if they are currently trained and authorised to do so.


  • Unique pin codes and/ or smartID cards ensure only authorised and trained users operate the machines 

  • The device automatically secures machine when not in use

  • Prevents or allows sharing of machines depending on site requirements 

  • Provides management data which:

    • Confirms operator use and history of use on MEWPs
    • Monitors machine activity via pre-programmed parameters
    • Shows clearer utilisation of on-site MEWPs

Download the specification document here

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