The SkyRakPlus® allows materials weighing up to 600kg to be safely stored on most large double decked diesel scissor lifts. A system of flexible heads support a wide variety of materials of many shapes and sizes.


SkyRakPlus® is a lightweight material handling attachment designed to carry a wide range of materials on large scissor Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)


Holds materials securely
Removes material weight from handrails
Materials held close to working area



Reduces risk of materials falling from height
Reduces handrail damage
Complies with HSE regulations
Improves productivity and reduces manual handling
Clear deck


MEWP Compatibility

SkyRakPlus is compatible with the following MEWP models:
Genie GS33, GS43, GS53
Liftlux LL20, SL245, L26, SL320
SkyJack 92/41, 92/50
Liftlux LL17

Download the specification document here