Safety and Innovations

Nationwide Platforms is pleased to provide an exclusive range of safety innovations designed to aid productivity and reduce risk for those working at height.

Product Listing

    For more information on any of the featured solutions, please contact your local depot, or sales representative. Alternatively, call us on 0845 745 0000.
  • SkySiren®

    Our award-winning SkySiren® has been designed to alert colleagues to an entrapment incident whilst simultaneously stopping the motion of the platform.

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  • SkyRak®

    The unique design structure of the SkyRak® means the load weight is transferred to the platform floor, avoiding materials being rested on the non-load bearing hand-rails.

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  • SkyRakBoom®

    The SkyRakBoom® allows the safe storage and carriage of materials up to 90kg in weight on a wide range of boom lifts.

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  • SkyRakPlus®

    The SkyRakPlus® allows materials weighing up to 600kg to be safely stored on most large double decked diesel scissor lifts. A system of flexible heads support a wide variety of materials of many shapes and sizes.

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  • SkySentry™

    SkySentry™ is a simple and effective fleet management system designed to help you reduce costs, drive efficiency and improve safety.

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  • SkySiren® PCS™

    SkySiren® PCS™ is a new safety system that gives you the highest available protection against the risk of entrapment or crushing incidents in a boom-type MEWP.

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  • SkyScreen™

    The new SkyScreen™ is an innovation in safety which minimises the risk of injury and damage by preventing dropped objects falling from the platform basket.

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  • SkyTel™

    SkyTel™ is the latest innovation in safety and efficiency, reducing the need for manual handling of antennas in the telecoms sector

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  • SkyRak Edge™

    SkyRakEdge™ is a lightweight material handling attachment designed to safely and securely handle scaffold tubes or lattice and ladder edge protection beams on boom type Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

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