Familiarisation Videos

Being familiar with the make and model of MEWP you hire is critical to ensure that you can operate it safety and efficiently - and importantly that you know what to do in the event of an emerge

Nationwide Platforms recognises this requirement and in order to assist you in becoming familiar with your MEWP we have developed a series of familiarisation videos and emergency lowering plans. These videos and plans are designed to provide valuable visual and written information which supplement the information provided in the MEWP manufacturer’s manual.

These videos provide a run through of the key operating characteristics of the MEWP. Each video can be watched start to finish, or by selecting a specific chapter(s) covering the operation that you require additional information or instruction on. These videos do not replace training but are aimed to supplement any familiarisation instruction provided.

Hinowa Tracked Boom Familiarisation Video

NiftyLift HR28 Familiarisation Video 

  Genie Z45 Familiarisation Video


Genie GS90 series Familiarisation Video

  Genie GS1932 Familiarisation Video

  Genie ZX135 Familiarisation Video

MEC Titan 60/40 Familiarisation Video